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Foam Bullets

Foam Bullets® deliver a powerful foaming light show & targeted chemical application – anywhere you want. Their flashing LED-illuminated nozzle housings attract attention, in your choice of RED, GREEN or BLUE lighting to announce services or facilitate site branding. A variety of nozzle styles allows you to customize chemical delivery, and enhance your customers’ experience. Ultra-low chemical usage, as low as one-sixth of an oz. per Foam Bullet®, supports an unmatched ROI. Multiple mounting options empower you to add Foam Bullets® to existing equipment anywhere in your bay, while Multi-Axis™ Mounts enable you to effectively target any vehicle surface.


SpinLite doesn’t just wash better; it looks better doing it. Like our illuminated in-bay systems before it, SpinLite uses patented LED-illuminated hubs with colors, light and motion to help attract more customers from the street and signal that you’re open for business. The patented Active Site Marketing cycles 6 colors even after hours, to automatically promote your wash, 24/7. This Beacon Effect helps new customers discover your site and loyal patrons to find you again. During the day, the curb appeal is unmatched. At night, the color-changing light show attracts evening customers, extending profit hours so you can Own The Night & Rule The Day.

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